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Wicksteed Park & Trust

Wicksteed Park, and the land owned by the trust, surrounds much of the Barton Seagrave to the west and north. The Park's beginnings can be traced back to 1913 when Charles Wicksteed purchased a tract of Northamptonshire meadowland near Kettering with the intention of developing a model village.  He wanted to create an open space and safe parkland for local families - many of these families lived in homes with no gardens - which forced their children to play in the street.


Development of the Park continued throughout the 20th Century offering many new rides and attractions including:


  • The oldest Water Chute in the UK originally designed and built by Charles Wicksteed and is 80  years old

  • The largest free playground area in the UK with some of the most modern playground equipment.

  • Landscaped gardens

  • The famous narrow-gauge railway which carries in excess of 200,000 passengers a year and is over 75 years old


The park has many more attractions, including a fixed circus, fishing lake, camping area, regular car boot sales and refreshment areas over the wide and open parkland.


Wicksteed Trust was established by Charles Wicksteed in 1916  to carry out his work after his death and so to keep his dream alive. To find out more about the trust and it's work click here.


To find out more about the Park visit their website.

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Wicksteed boating lake

Narrow gauage railway rides

Oldest Water Chute in the UK