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Though Barton Seagrave is only a small village, you can eat, drink and be merry...

Stirrup Cup pub


The 'local' for Barton Seagrave is The Stirrup Cup which you will find off Woodlands Avenue. Tel:  01536 722841. It has a sports bar and lounge/restaurant.  Food is very good and there is a patio area for that cold beer in summer. Holds quiz nights and live music regularly. For more info visit:

Stirrup Cup website

Harry's store and Barton Chippy


Harry's convenience store (other wise called 'Best -one' is run by Harry even though he's called Phil). He's a bit confused. He's particularly proud of his new slush puppy machine, so please call in and be the first person to buy one!

Nisa mini-supermarket and Texaco


Find Gotch road and you will find a small local Nisawhich sells most things you need on a day to day basis.  We call it 'Hilaries' and Hilary runs it (mostly!). Has a free cash machine, which is nice.


On the east side of the village, you will find a Texaco garage on Barton Road.


Barton Seagrave Community Centre


Within the Latimer Arts College grounds you will find the Community Centre.  There is a friendly bar with 'club' price drinks. You can become a member, though anyone is welcome to come down for a drink or two. The building also features a function room which hosts childcare services during the day and indoor bowls, among many other things. Available to hire for birthdays and other celebrations.  Find out more here.

Barton Seagrave Stirrup Cup Barton Segrave Harrys store

Harry's store and Barton Chippy


Harry's convenience store is on Belvoir Drive. It's actually called 'best-one' but everyone calls it Harry's, even though the owner - who we call Harry - is called Phil. Nice bloke - if a bit short with glasses - If you speak to him nicely he will even have your paper delivered. Next door you will find the traditional village chippy - watch out for the Pizza which is particularly good.

Post Office


On Polwell Lane, just up from the church you will find our friendly post Office. Does everything a good postie office does and probably has the largest selection of birthday cards in the country. Also has a free cash machine. Open 9 - 5:30 and saturday mornings.

The Stirrup Cup pub

Harry's Convenience Store