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Schools & childcare

Latimer Arts College


The 'LAC' is located at the top of Castle Way. It is a well respected school in Kettering which also specialises in education of the Arts such as dance and music. It's catchment area is broadly Burton Latimer and Barton Seagrave. The College also provides sixth form education. Visit the LAC web site.


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Barton Seagrave Primary School


Hidden in the woods off Belvoir Drive is Barton Seagrave Primary School which also has a fine reputation in the area. Visit the school web site.

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Pre-school childcare


You will find a number of choices in the local area. There are two directly within the Parish.


Happy Hands is located within the Village Hall on Bertone Road. They can be contacted on 01536 721114.


Building Blocks Christian Day Nursery is on Belvoir Drive and can be contacted on 01536 721221


Child minding


Fiona Kennedy Childminding is an Ofsted registered (rated "Outstanding") Childminder that caters for children from birth up to 12 years old. Visit thier Facebool page to find outmore oor get in touch.



Rachels Ranch (www.rachels-ranch.com) offers Ofsted approved child minding for children from birth up to 8 years old. The service is available from 8am until 6pm, can be full time or part time and before school / after school pick up and drop offs can be arranged. For more information contact:


email: [email protected]

Tel: 01536 724 788  or  07591 106 521



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