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Parish Council annual account statements

Account statements for 2017-18:Parish Councils are now required to publish account statements in a pre-defined format by July 1st following each financial year end.




Auditors certification for 2017-18:















Auditors certification for 2016-17:





Account statements for 2016-17:
















Account statements for 2015-16:













Account statements for 2014-15:












Bank Reconciliation Statement 2014-15 Accounting Statement 2014-15 Annual Governace Statement Accounts: Items over £100 Audit difference explanations Annual Internal Audit report Annual Governance Statement 2015-16 Accounting Statement 2015-16 Annual Internal Audit report 2015-16 Audit Difference explanations 2015-2016 Accounts: Items over £100 for 2015-16 Bank Reconcilliation statement 2015-16 BS Acc. Statement Clerk's declaration Summary of Electors' Rights Annual Governance Statement 2016-17 Annual Internal Audit report 2016-17 Accounting Statement 2016-17 Audit Difference explanations 2016-17 Accounts: Items over £100 for 2016-17 BS Acc. Statement Clerk's declaration Bank Reconcilliation statement 2016-17 Summary of Electors' Rights Period for the excercise public rights External Auditors Certificate 2016-17 Notice of conclusion of Audit 2016-17 Acc. Statement. Clerk's declaration Accounts 2017-18 Items of expenditure over £100 Accounts 2017-18 Annual Internal Audit Report 2017-18 BS Bank Reconciliation To 31.03.18 explanation_of_variances_2017-18 BS Notice of Audit Final External Auditor Report and Certificate 2017-18 BS NH0017 IS3