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June 6th 2020 Garage Sale

By bryanlade, Mar 15 2020 10:23AM

Barton Garage Sale will be on Saturday June 6th. We had around 50 participants in 2018 and just over a 100 in 2019. For those new to this, here's how it works: Have a scout around your gaff and collect up your old tat you no longer want. Set up some tables, or ground sheets, out side your house and bung it all on there. Things will get underway at 9am on Saturday 6th June (assuming the weather is ok and we're not all dead) and tends to fizzle out around 1/2pm.

This event is only publicised on Facebook, so if you don't use that, just ping me an email at bryan_lade@yahoo.com with your house number and Road name and I will add you to the seller location maps on Facebook.

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