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Foundation Governors needed at Hayfield Cross Church of England School

By bryanlade, May 22 2019 02:15PM

The school has been open since 2015 and in September will have 11 classes. The school was inspected by Ofsted in 2018 when it was judged to be a good School and also had a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist ( SIAMS) likewise it was judged to be good. More information can be found on our website www.hayfieldcross.org.uk

At the present time we have one vacancy for a Foundation Governor and know that in September that there will be two further vacancies. At the present time we have Foundation Governors from three different churches.

Our Governing Board is made up of 2 parent governors, 2 staff governors and 1 Local Authority governor and 7 Foundation Governors. The role of a Foundation Governor is important and complex; acting as a critical friend of the school, supporting staff, ensuring the school operates effectively meeting legalities linked to admissions, staff appointments, RE and Collective Worship. The term of office is usually four years.

The Governing Board needs people with a range of skills from the workplace, any foundation governor. Many people find that governorship offers an opportunity to serve the community and gain a great deal of satisfaction from bringing their own skill and experiences to the many issues that face the Church School.

The Governing Board meets about 4 times a year and committees meet 3 times a year. Governors are expected to visit the school to monitor areas of responsibility.

Thank you for reading so far, if you are interested in becoming a member of our Governing Board then contact the Chair of Governors (Helen Cracknell) via email governors@hayfieldcross.org.uk or through the school website contact page.

Further information about the role can be found on the Peterborough Diocese website:


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